Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc. (“Hillcrest”) makes the Kylo software product available on an open source basis pursuant to the Mozilla Public License.

Hillcrest also encourages the use of the Kylo Trademarks listed here to identify Kylo software as permitted by this Policy. All uses of the Kylo Trademarks must be in accordance with this Policy. Any use of the Kylo Trademarks that does not comply with this Policy, or that is not otherwise authorized in writing by Hillcrest, is prohibited.

A. General

Hillcrest hereby grants you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-sublicensable license to use, reproduce and display the Kylo Trademarks to identify unmodified versions of the Kylo software as described below. Unmodified versions include the official Kylo binaries downloaded or linked from www.kylo.tv when those binaries have not been altered. Unmodified versions also include source code that has been compiled from the Kylo open source project when the Kylo source code has not been altered in any way.

B. Permitted Uses

The Kylo Trademarks may be used under this license:

  1. in marketing and other publicity materials relating to unmodified versions of the Kylo software,

  2. to identify your product that includes unmodified versions of the Kylo software,

  3. to link to Kylo’s website (www.kylo.tv) by using the Kylo Logo or Kylo®

All uses of the Kylo Trademarks must conform to our trademark color, size, reproduction and usage guidelines here.

C. You must not:

  1. abbreviate the Kylo Trademarks or combine them with other words (e.g., “Kylobrowser”);

  2. use the Kylo trademarks to point to your own web site and/or to download a modified version of Kylo; or

  3. alter any of the Kylo Trademarks.

Hillcrest may terminate the licenses granted under this Policy if you breach any of the terms hereof and do not cure such a breach within thirty days following such notification.

D. Ownership

Hillcrest retains all ownership of the Kylo Trademarks and all related goodwill throughout the world, and any use shall inure to the benefit of Hillcrest. You agree not to register or reserve any Kylo Trademark as a trademark, service mark, trade name, or domain name anywhere in the world

E. Questions

We have tried to make this Policy as simple to understand as possible. If you’re considering a use of a Kylo trademark that’s not covered by the policy or you are unsure as to whether the use of a Kylo trademark is authorized, please contact us at support@kylo.tv and ask.