What is Kylo?

We are strong believers in the open Internet and that people don’t want to be limited to walled gardens of content in the living room. We built the Kylo web browser so that consumers could enjoy their favorite content on their television sets. So Kylo is the free web browser for TV. We made Kylo using our decade worth of experiences developing relaxing and enjoyable TV applications. We put a lot of attention into making the interaction with Kylo simple and stress free with a focus on the content.

Kylo consists of two parts: a browser built on top of Mozilla’s Gecko engine and a web portal to Internet content that is hosted at connect.kylo.tv. The web portal is the default home page for Kylo.

Why are we making Kylo available as open source software?

We are making Kylo available as open source software so that more people can enjoy Kylo in their living room than we can manage on our own. We would like to tap into the developer community for new and interesting features. We also want to make sure that we continue to serve the needs of people that connect their PCs to the TV which we feel is being neglected by commercial products.

What elements of Kylo have been open sourced?

The browser components of Kylo have been open sourced. This includes the browser controls and user interface functions such as URL entry and bookmarks. It also includes several native components that handle functions such as keyboard entry and key mapping. The web portal was simplified in 2016 and the source code is available on GitHub.

Why did we choose MPL 2.0 as the license?

Kylo was built on top of Mozilla’s Gecko engine which we licensed using MPL 2.0 so it was natural to use MPL 2.0 for our Kylo software. We also believe that MPL 2.0 is an excellent open source license that is well suited for commercial use.

Can I use Kylo in a commercial product?

Absolutely! We would love to see Kylo distributed on as many commercial products as possible so that as many people as possible can enjoy their favorite content on the TV. We specifically chose the MPL 2.0 license to enable this scenario.

Can I distribute a version of Kylo (or my product containing Kylo) which points to connect.kylo.tv as its default home page?


I want to learn more about the Mozilla Public License (MPL)? Where should I go to learn more?

The MPL 2.0 license can be found here. The Mozilla foundation also maintains an FAQ that answers common questions regarding the MPL 2.0 license.

As a contributor what can I do with the open source version of Kylo?

Under the MPL 2.0 license, you can use Kylo for free. You can integrate it into your applications including commercial products and you can distribute it to consumers. For a more detailed description, please refer to the MPL 2.0 license.

As a contributor what are my obligations when using the open source version of Kylo?

If you use choose to license and distribute Kylo, you must adhere to the requirements of the MPL 2.0 license and so you should read that document and become familiar with it. One important obligation is that if you modify the Kylo software you must make the source code available to the public and those files retain their MPL obligations.

What rights is Hillcrest granting me when using Kylo?

Hillcrest is granting you rights to use the Kylo browser for both commercial and non-commercial use and to use Kylo in larger works. As a browser for TV, we think Kylo is best accompanied with a Freespace® powered device that enables point and click interaction with web content. However, there is nothing in Kylo related to Freespace® technology and Kylo works with any standard mouse.

We license our Freespace motion software and IP including patents under separate commercial terms not included with the Kylo distribution and so no specific rights are granted to our Freespace software, IP or patents. In addition, we license TV visualization and metadata processing software and related IP to our customers and no specific rights are granted for this software and IP outside of Kylo.

Can I use the Kylo name and logo in my product?

Yes, under certain conditions. We maintain a separate trademark policy disclosure.

Can you help me integrate Kylo into my product?

Yes, please contact us at support at kylo dot tv.